Unwinding Potential
By Skylar Harris LMT #19139


In this section I will go over in detail, everything I potentially talk about when it comes to learning about the body, and thinking outside the box in applying self-care in our domestic mental world we live.

The main subject is pain. i.e. Trauma and how we associate to it and how to change the story in order to liberate one's own quality of life.

Pain works in priority, I'm trying to minimize the priority the body has towards pain by creating a new (or original) reference. In order to minimize pain, I have to go to the source. As goes with all forms of trauma, if you are trying to undo what has been done, you need to 'hold space' and acknowledge the source of the original trauma. Since we are talking about the body, we will just keep it in terms about the body. But regardless, you can apply this concept of healing the body into any other aspect of your life.

Let's look at it this way, the difference between a child and a senior citizen.

When you are young, your parents or adults will make a standard comment when you fall or hurt yourself, and you get right back up! "Oh, they're young they heal fast." or "They're made of rubber." There's truth in the statement, but it's never been clearly identified.

When it comes to pain, Pain is an acronym for "Pa-ckaged In-formation". When we are young, we don't have any packages on the shelves. Life happens and we hurt ourselves, one way or another, and we cope with it. As we get older, the shelves fill up without realizing there's a capacity. We start to acknowledge pain as time goes on because we get "older", but that is also a lie, again, there's some truth in it. But the full truth is that there's pain because of neglect or ignorance, something happened a while back and you forgot about it cause it didn't matter until now.

As human beings we are able to cope with a great deal until it becomes too much, and we don't know what to do anymore. Old age is a thing, but as we get "old" at that point we can no longer hold the shelves up, and all the pains start to reveal themselves. The nervous system can no longer store all that information and it starts to flood the receptors, it can happen before we get old. I believe fibromyalgia comes from an overload of pain and the nervous system cannot assign priority so it becomes systemic instead of local pain.

The way to solve this is to acquire the knowledge and learn to heal, to no longer allow ignorance and neglect to manifest in the body and do something about it. Most of the time that occurs through bodywork or massage, depending on who you go and how much they know, and how much they're willing to share of what they know. We are called healers because we pursue the knowledge and never stop in the pursuit once we start receiving its blessing.

The next big subject, now that the map has been basically covered, we will talk about connective tissue.


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