Unwinding Potential
By Skylar Harris LMT #19139


In this section I will go over in detail, everything I potentially talk about when it comes to learning about the body, and thinking outside the box in applying self-care in our domestic mental world we live.

The main subject is pain. i.e. Trauma and how associate to it and how to change the story in order to liberate one's own quality of life.

Pain works in priority, I'm trying to minimize the priority the body has towards pain in order to make room for pleasure, or, openness/freedom. In order to minimize pain, I have to go to the source. As goes with all forms of trauma, if you are trying to undo what has been done, you need to confront the source of the original trauma. Since we are talking about the body, we will just keep it in terms about the body. But regardless, you can apply this concept of healing the body into any other aspect of your life.

Let's look at it this way, the difference between a child and a senior citizen.



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