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By Skylar Harris LMT #19139


  • From client Camille C. - "Skylar has a kind spirit and a genuine desire to heal. Before I found him, I often came out of massages feeling beat up and sore, but assumed that was just part of the process. Skylar showed me that's not the case at all though! He uses totally different techniques than other massage therapists I've gone to, often incorporating a combination of gravity, movement, and at-home exercises to loosen up and heal trouble spots from past injuries and day-to-day repetitious activities. Skylar is a talented massage therapist and I was lucky to find him!"


  • From client Kaye Z. - "Sky has a way to listen to the body and figures out what needs to be done.  He sees a unique situation as a challenge, which works out well for me.  After a massage from Sky I feel like my body is functioning more peacefully again, not working against itself."


  • From LMT Zack - "I still remember you describing how to match the tension pressure in the clients body with my own, but to also let go of any tension I was feeling in my body and to be in that space comfortably. 
    I use the gravity technique regularly and I notice it is a great technique to have. 
    Things you have shown me and things you have said are still with me today and I try and build upon them every day. You are the closest thing to a mentor I’ve ever had and am grateful we met."


  • From LMT Kelly C. - "I started seeing Skylar for a chronic neck spasm that would rear its head with periods of high stress or overwork. He was able to provide considerable pain relief at my first appointment, after which my range of motion returned gradually on its own over a period of a week. Because the session was so helpful, I decided to try regular visits for a couple months to see if that would help long term, and lo and behold, it did. My neck hasn’t locked up since. 

    Skylar doesn’t give a traditional general relaxation session, but rather focuses on releasing spots in key areas. I happen to like deep work, which he is highly capable of, but he can also attend subtly and sensitively to spots that are angry and inflamed. If you’re looking for a healer who works with scientific clarity and an informed and precise touch, definitely check Skylar out!"


  • From Megan - "I’ve been committed to self-care in the form of massage for over ten years. Recently a massage therapist I respect and admire recommended Skylar. I live with arthritis, tendonitis, carpo tunnel syndrome, sciatic nerve challenges and a recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Chronic pain has been a debilitating constant throughout most of my life, but it’s gotten really out of hand in the last year and a half. Skylar’s work has been helping to treat and repair a myriad of old physical injuries within my body. His demeanor is warm, genuine, relaxed and open. Since I’ve been going to see him regularly, he’s helped me appreciate, respect and understand how my body responds to and stores physical, mental and emotional trauma. Slowly and with practice, I’m learning to rethink my breathing, my posture, my alignment and even how I walk because Skylar is helping me accept I have to take a “whole body” approach to wellness. I truly appreciate the education Skylar offers alongside his individualized massage therapy sessions. He has patiently explained how connective tissue in our bodies stores trauma and I can feel him chipping away at layers and years worth of my pain, stress, anxiety and trauma with each session. For the progress he’s helping make possible, I am beyond grateful. What makes Skylar especially impactful is he doesn’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach; his intent is truly to help each person heal individually. He invests the time, the talent and the energy needed to understand his clients. If you are fed up with your pain, if your are truly open to confronting your pain, and most importantly, if you recognize how a commitment to regular massage is integral to living a pain free life, then you are ready for the transformation Skylar has to offer you."






[Gathered testimonials from satisfied clients and, with their permission posted here.]

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