Unwinding Potential
By Skylar Harris LMT #19139



Looking for a listening touch? A space to unwind without judgment? A place to relax, ease your mind, and balance your body? Skylar provides the opportunity to learn about your body and awareness, and to ease the tension of your daily life.

He works with all variations of people, be it for: Pain, tension, injuries old/new, holding patterns/habits, chronic issues, athletes looking to enhance their performance, down to simple stress relief and relaxation. He adapts to your needs.

Bodywork is essential for all who seek relief and are open to receiving awareness. Skylar graduated from East West college of massage with the ambition to cultivate healing awareness for anyone in need.

With a combined art of Advanced Myofascial techniques, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reiki, Muscle Energy Techniques, and Tui Na, he says this is only the beginning to his pursuit of knowledge and healing.

We are each our own unique puzzle which as built overtime through our daily life habits/posture. Though we are all the same system of muscles and bones, our nervous system is what tells the story.

Skylar will specialize each session for you. The depth of his focus has been founded by his need to relieve pain, which we all experience at some point in our lives. Born and raised in Portland Oregon. As a musician, artist (of many forms), writer, and seeker of truth, he welcomes you as a healer for the chance to find ease in your body and mind.

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